Savannah Elopement at The Gastonian - Photo by www.lonepinephotography.comSavannah’s a romantic place.  You’ll find signs of it everywhere — marriages in the squares, proposals by the fountain, couples in horse drawn carriages — it’s quite easy to see the love in Savannah.  But there’s a little-known sweet sign of love at The Gastonian that’s uniquely special, just for our guests, and it changes every week.

It’s a simple little fountain — a tall, terracotta pot, over-flowing with water, surrounded by smooth dark stones, in one of the Inn’s private gardens.  What makes it so special is that it’s become the place for newly married couples to leave their mark at The Gastonian.  With metallic pens, just-married couples are personalizing a garden stone, and leaving it at the fountain in honor of their private wedding ceremony at The Gastonian.  The Inn sprays the decorated stones with a protective coating, and they’re set out in the fountain for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, the stones are inscribed with the couples names and ceremony dates, but what’s even more special is seeing the other things — phrases and words to songs — they add to their stone.  “Fairy Tales do Come True,” is one message.  “Are You Gonna Kiss me or Not,” is another.

The Gastonian has been collecting these “love stones” for about a year now.   Next time you visit the inn, take a few minutes to read the messages on the stones.  Its a sweet reflection of love and romance in Savannah, and we promise it will make you smile.

A Savannah Elopement – Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?