The John Treutlen Room at The Kehoe House

The John Treutlen Room at The Kehoe House

Tall Ceilings and Spacious Surroundings Make the Kehoe House’s
John Treutlen Room a Special Place to Experience Savannah —

Kehoe House - John Treutlen Room
The John Treutlen Room is spacious and elegant, and located next to the verandah.


In an age of comfort and privilege, one gets a lot of mixed signals.

Many highly advanced hotels have modernized the hotel room to what often amounts to a gorgeous walk-in closet.  Gastro-pubs and many other fine dining establishments have turned dinner intoa series of tiny dishes, each topped with an ornamental trace of food that one can’t help but wonder if you’re even supposed to eat.  And while these modern treats are all very well and good, there is a certain authentic charm that you can only get in an historic place like the Kehoe House.

The John Treutlen room reminds us of something that those sterile luxuries can’t afford:  Sometimes bigger really is better.  As the only room on the parlor floor, the Treutlen room has the distinction of being the only room to share the Kehoe’s fifteen foot high ceilings, lending an absolutely grand air to the room itself.  Of all of the rooms at The Kehoe House, the John Treutlen room provides the most spacious atmosphere.

Kehoe House - John Treutlen Room
Tall Ceilings lend a grand atmosphere to this first floor guest room

Conveniently located just down the hall from the parlor, guests in the room are guaranteed first choice of breakfast or hors d’oeuvres.  Directly adjacent to the Treutlen room is one of the Kehoe House’s public verandas—the perfect place to have a glass of wine at the end of a relaxing day.


The John Treutlen room is also perfect for those days when you just don’t want to leave the house.  Comfortable chairs and a gorgeous writing desk allow the business traveler to get a little last-minute work done, while the television and massive king-sized bed is perfect for those who have nothing but time to lounge.

A combination shower-bath is  sure to anyone happy, whether they want a quick eye-opener at the start of the day, or a leisurely soak as the sun goes down.



Kehoe House - John Treutlen Room
Features a king size bed and a romantic crystal chandelier

The room is named after John Adam Treutlen,  a leader in Georgia in the American revolution (1775-83) who helped write Georgia’s first constitution. In 1777 he became Georgia’s first elected governor.