The Tybee Island Room at The Kehoe House

The Tybee Island Room at The Kehoe House

At least once a day, I’m asked what’s there to do on Tybee Island.

I explain that Tybee Island represents simple, kind beach life.  It isn’t built up like other beach communities are.  It refuses to lose its charm through busy boardwalks and arcades.  Tybee Island is about digging your feet into the sand on a hot day, and being surprised at the coolness just beneath the surface.  Tybee is about swaying gently on an old wooden rocker and watching the rain come in over the surf.  Tybee Island is about the life that Jimmy Buffett promised us: lazy-eyed and smiling—quiet and cool. More than anything else, Tybee Island is the best place in the world to do nothing, and feel perfectly fine with that.

The Kehoe House’s 13 guest rooms are all named after a significant location or character in Savannah’s hKehoe House - Tybee Island Roomistory.  Today’s blog takes a look at the Tybee Island Room, a second-floor guest room that’s a favorite of many visitors.

The Tybee Island Room embodies everything that Savannah loves about its beachside cousin: charm, style, and privacy.  Nestled on the south side of the Kehoe House’s second floor, the Tybee Island Room offers the most secluded atmosphere in the house, while still remaining warm and cheerful.  Conveniently located next to the second floor’s public veranda, it’s impossible not to feel welcome in this Superior King Room. 

Handsomely decorated with reminders of its links to the sun and shoreline, the Tybee Island Room is the perfect spot to use as an intimate home base for your Savannah outings, whether your intention is to enjoy a glass of wine on the veranda, tell stories with new-found friends, or to just drift off to sleep, your nose tickling with the smell of seawater.